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Dear developers interested in wxSmith,

I've setup a SVN branch for a while now that integrates a lot more wxSmith items contributed by several people. All that's needed is the integration into the Linux automake system and an update of the C::B Linux/Unix project files. One this is done we can merge the items into trunk.

So, if you know "autofoo" and are willing to contribute, checkout the branch at:
and start updating the build system (see the other wxSmith items as a reference). Any help is greatly appreciated.

Question are welcome (of course).

I can tackle this problem, my auto-fu is not that good, but it is improving, unfortunately:)

What is the plan for the merge? Will it be replacing or you'll try a proper merge?

I can probably do it this weekend or during the next week (I will come back from work this night, very, very latey).

Jens: I'll give it a try and if I fail, I'll post, so you can do it:)


--- Quote from: oBFusCATed on June 24, 2011, 09:33:09 am ---What is the plan for the merge? Will it be replacing or you'll try a proper merge?

--- End quote ---
I would do a plain "copy", not a proper merge. In the end it's an addition of several plugin/components, only. So I don't want to resolve a million conflicts just for the sake of perfectionism. ;-)

BTW: Interesting to see devs call "here", I actually addressed the community. Oh - and keep in mind that some additions are incompatible to Linux, like IExplore...


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