Author Topic: Question about mini popups when mousing over. (like in Visual Studio)  (Read 1835 times)

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i dont like the bloated visual studio and love codeblocks. however the one thing i miss, is thelittle info box that tells you when is expected to complete the line of code.

for example.


this is where a pop-up will tell you that a HANDLE, and then a comma and then a COORD is required to complete the statement.

is this available via plugins for codeblocks at all? or is it already in the program but i just haven;t activated it yet?

as a beginner it would just help is sometime i am trying new functions like these.

either way ill still stick with codeblocks (as i can just use msdn anyway, but still hoping there is a way.)


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C::B has this feature: Edit -> Show call tip.
But in 10.05 it doesn't work well, in the recent nightlies the situation is a bit better (way better in fact),
but still this feature doesn't work reliably, unfortunately.
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no problem, if im having trouble im sure msdn will be enough help.

not enough to give up on this great compact IDE