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make: *** No rule to make target `Debug'. Stop.

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if you are using codeblocks with makefiles, codeblocks uses the below command to run your makefile

--- Code: ---$make -f $makefile $target
--- End code ---
as you can see at the end of the make call codeblocks adds the target name

In your case in the projct the target is called "Debug" and so codeblocks adds "Debug" at the end of the command line. In your makefile the targets are only "all" and "clean"

So you have to rename your targets in codeblocks:
Project->Properties->Build targets
select "Debug" and rename it to "all".
Then before compiling make sure you have selected the "all" target in the drop dow box near the compile button it the tool bar or go to Build->Select target->All


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