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Source code repository to be moved

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I've worked yesterday evening on preparing my machine for that. I've tried to get it to work with the cb_svn plugin and finally I was able to manage. A question remains: I am using the RapidSVN GUI which works but compared to what I'm used to with WinCVS is (of cours) a bit rough.

Might I ask what (besides TortoiseSVN for several reason) you guys are using? Is there maybe another GUI that is better? This could also lead in a recommodation that we could put to the WiKi ("Connecting to the SVN repository" or so...).

With best regards,


Well, at present I 'm using TortoiseSVN under windows and command-line under linux (or RapidSVN if I want to get the big picture).
I hope that the svn plugin will be usable shortly after the move so we can have one more option :)

Svn has a much easier command-line syntax than cvs though. Don't be afraid of what gives you absolute power ;)

One more thing:
All C::B developers please prepare for the move. This means create your user accounts at berlios, if you don't have one already, and send them to me :)

So, I know I said stop commiting changes by Friday night but I 'd like to ask you to stop commiting at your earliest possible convenience.
That's because I will need to get the nightly cvsroot tarball from sourceforge tomorrow and, depending on timezone differences, not all changes might make it in if we don't leave a 24-hour slack...

CVS repository write-access revoked for everyone. Only anonymous CVS works now.


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