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Source code repository to be moved

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As already discussed, the source code repository will move from sourceforge-CVS to berlios-SVN to take advantage of the SVN versioning system.
The move will occur the following Saturday, on November 26th.

All developers with CVS write-access are requested to commit any pending changes by Friday night. On Saturday, CVS write-access will be revoked and only anonymous checkouts/updates will be allowed. When the migration to SVN has been completed, CVS access will be completely disabled.
We estimate that the migration will be completed the same day, i.e. Saturday. When it is done, it will be announced here.

C::B has already been registered with Berlios and the project page is located at
Notice that we 're only moving the source code repository. Nothing else. We 'll continue using Sourceforge's trackers (bugs, patches, feature requests) and the file release system. On Berlios we will only keep the source code.

Finally, notice that the move will affect only those that used CVS to checkout C::B. Regular users that just use the distributed binary releases are not affected in any way.

On behalf of the Code::Blocks Team,

Getting ready for it... at least by downloading TortoiseSVN :P

I wish you a smooth migration.

Ahh, so I can finally uninstall TortoiseCVS saturday? Finally I'll get to see all of the TortoiseSVN overlay icons :).
Any chance of enabling the SVN repository already (albeit empty) so I can prepare a checkout and won't have to remember the repository URL untill then?

My avatar!!  :cry:


--- Quote from: rickg22 on November 23, 2005, 07:48:24 pm ---My avatar!!  :cry:

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Don't overreact, a little Photoshopping/GIMPing/whatever and it'll be a perfectly fine generic turtle :P.


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