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Welcome Newcomers - PLEASE READ!!!

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here i am i guess

Im new, Im here

I am not sure if this is still necessary, but since it is mentioned somewhere as a request to all users I do it too: I think I am human. (To my knowledge nobody so far challenged that claim.) :o

Hello all

I am a 49 veteran of the IT field.  Programmer and Sysadmin, did devops before it had a name,
real time programming, Web application development in the 1.0 era, IT  Management ,
business analyst.

I am in my retirement job of teaching system administration in a community college for over a decade.

Hobby interest is embedded systems.  Tinkering with Arduino, micro-python and retro hardware savaged from the dump.
Learning C for 9th time, fan of Pelles C in another hobby life.

Just Another Prosaic Tinkerer


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