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Welcome Newcomers - PLEASE READ!!!

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I am new, I am here.


Shure, I'm not a bot.
Neither an AI. Thus, I confess, with Normal Intelligence only  ;D

I am new, I am here!
Hello Humanz, I am also a  human from Earth, nice to have joined the Codeblocks community, a slim IDE.
Thumbs up!

Hi. I am a not a number. I am a human being. I am primarily a game programmer. My favorite language is C++. I am working on large projects. I find the latest Code::Blocks is very nice. I develop right now on Windows 10. I used to use Visual C++ but I ditched that a while back. Now I am using Code::Blocks. Please keep on developing, it's a very useful IDE. Thanks to all devs. :)

I am new, I am here


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