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Welcome Newcomers - PLEASE READ!!!

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I'm new here. First time to use Code::Blocks instead of VS. By the way, would it be possible if this website is translated into Simplified Chinese (zh-cn), so that users like me from China will be able to read easily?

Hello I am human, learning c++ using codeblocks and boost.

Well I am here, trying to get CodeBlocks to work on my Mac with Big Sur but it does not seem to work :-\

I am new, and I am starting to learn C++ from this program. Welp, that's 2 programming languages learned lol (Python and C++, unless HTML is also a programming language lel)

For ages I've been trying to learn C/C++ to any practical extent (beyond hello world), and have been using codeblocks for maybe 5 or 6 years now off and on?

Anyway -hi.


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