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Plugin Configuration Group
« on: January 13, 2011, 11:48:59 am »
I have a question about the plugin configuration group. I see the following definition on cbplugin.h:
// Define basic groups for plugins' configuration.
static const int cgCompiler         = 0x01; ///< Compiler related.
static const int cgDebugger         = 0x02; ///< Debugger related.
static const int cgEditor           = 0x04; ///< Editor related.
static const int cgCorePlugin       = 0x08; ///< One of the core plugins.
static const int cgContribPlugin    = 0x10; ///< One of the contrib plugins (or any third-party plugin for that matter).
static const int cgUnknown          = 0x20; ///< Unknown. This will be probably grouped with cgContribPlugin.

I can see where the cgCompiler, cgDebugger and cgEditor plugin's configuration panels are going. How about the other three (cgCorePlugin, cgContribPlugin and gcUnknown) ???? If I set the GetConfigurationGroup() return to one of these last three values, where would I get the config panel ????