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My requests:

- Support for Tiny CC :)
- Add fast switch from one compiler to another on toolbar
- When you start a new workspace / project, don't ask for save it,
but save it in a temp folder... i save it when i need...
- Theme's support

Good Work!

I'm going to work on support for Tiny CC

I 'll give you some hints:

Work with the CVS version.
Go to "Settings/Configure plugins/Compiler".
Create a copy of an existing compiler (say GCC).
Edit everything (advanced options especially) for the new compiler you want to support.
If you succeed, go to "Settings/Import-export configuration" and export the "Compiler" settings to a file.
Send me this file and I will see it added in the main distribution, giving you full credit :)


Great just one problem tinycc is for linux and windows but the windows one is old
but... it doesn't matter.

You can use it as internal compiler for C files as long you can link it to your apps as .lib :)

BTW i want temp-autosaving :P

Bye :)


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