Author Topic: help text on the statusbar (no go for context menus)  (Read 4540 times)

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help text on the statusbar (no go for context menus)
« on: November 10, 2005, 12:22:36 am »
During implementation of a plug-in, I was adding menu entries with a help text, entries where added to menus in the menubar, and to context menus (right click menus).
When going with the mouse over the entries in the menus from the menubar, you see those help texts in the statusbar.
BUT, when going through the context menus these help texts do NOT show up.
But it seems it's was not for my plug-in added entries, but all menu entries seem to suffer for it.

Example :
Edit menu -> Paste : Paste text from clipboard
context menu in editor pane -> edit -> paste --> "nothing"

Is this a bug, or is it something which is not possible ? It seems to be a serious lack, and a big inconsistency.

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