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code completition bug ?

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--- Quote ---If it doesn't behave like this
--- End quote ---

It does not :-(
It does ask me to save the workspace, which I do, but on next open it shows a gray MDI background.
The log looks as following:

--- Quote ---
[21:30:39.999]: Loading C/C++ highlighter
[21:30:39.999]: Loading LUA highlighter
[21:30:40.029]: Loading LUA highlighter
[21:30:40.239]: Added compiler "GNU GCC Compiler"
[21:30:40.239]: Added compiler "Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003"
[21:30:40.239]: Added compiler "Borland C++ Compiler 5.5"
[21:30:40.269]: Source code formatter (AStyle) plugin loaded
[21:30:40.269]: Class wizard plugin loaded
[21:30:40.269]: Code completion plugin loaded
[21:30:40.340]: Compiler plugin loaded
[21:30:40.380]: GDB Debugger plugin loaded
[21:30:40.380]: Plugin wizard plugin loaded
[21:30:40.380]: Windows XP Look'n'Feel plugin loaded
[21:30:40.390]: To-Do List plugin loaded
[21:30:40.460]: Loading workspace "C:\Documents and Settings\Mike/.CodeBlocks/default.workspace"

I can see it loads some workspace, but this is not the one I am working on - mine is on D:.

OS = Windows XP Tablet Edition; version 5.1; build 2600.xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158:Service Pack 2
--- End quote ---

P.S. And if you asked me why do I type "[ quote ]" manually - it's because "Quote selected" button does nothing on my Firefox (although did the job on MS IE) :-)

hmm... I have the last version but it doesn't have any code-completion.  :cry:

I'm developing a SDL application, so there is a structure SDL_Surface. It has members. I have a instant of this structure called screen. It defined like this:

SDL_Surface *screen;

Then I type: screen->. And I expect it  to give me a list of the members of the structure. But it doesn't show anything. Shouldn't it be like this?

Yes, the code completion does not work on included header files. Is there any kind of cache that's supposed to be created, like in Dev-C++?


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