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typedef and code completion


The IDE is excellent! It's just what I've been looking for! :D

There is a very minor problem though... :!:

typedef based structures are not recognized by code completion (atleast not on my computer). The WNDCLASSEX structure (defined in winuser.h - i think) is defined in a similar way. Code completion does not recognize it. Not a big issue... but if someone could look into it, that would be great!

I have WinXP, VC++ Toolkit 2003, Platform SDK... and I have set up compiler/linker directories and options.

If I have not done something correctly could someone please point it out!


as mentioned in another thread, typedefs and templates are not supported by code-completion. For typedefs, though, they might get partially supported in the future...


I can't wait until this IDE is out of the beta stage! Any idea on when that might be?  :D

Also is there some way to wrap the calltips so they do not fall off the edge of the screen :?:

When version 1.0 is out, it doesn't mean that it will be feature-packed. It just means that it will have reached a stable state for day-to-day work. Actually, it already is in such a state, as far as I can tell.

To answer your question, the next release will probably be the last beta.



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