Author Topic: Code::Blocks (wxWidgets) using the wrong font color for disabled text.  (Read 2976 times)

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OS: Linux (Gentoo)
GUI: KDE 4.4
Code::Blocks: 10.5
GTK Theme: gtk-engines-qtcurve
WxGTK: 2.8.10
GTK: 2.0

The problem has been brought up before (,12423.0.html) for Code::Blocks version 8.2, where it affected my configuration as well. The problem seems to have gotten worse with the upgrade now also making tabs unreadable.

I have fixed this in my build of Code::Blocks by finding instances of wxSYS_COLOUR_GRAYTEXT and replacing them with the appropriate color for my theme, but I though I'd bring it up here in hopes a fix that were less of a hack could be made in some revision.

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This hs been discused many times. Probably you should search the forum.
Anyway, see here.

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Yes, that is the topic I linked in my original post (+url mangling). I did not find any other results on the subject given a cursory search and thought I might make known the issue was still present in this newer version.

If you would be so kind, do point out the other topics of similar discussion. I would like to look them over.

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I have a suggestion: do not use gray text to express "disable", but use a gray icon.