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Idea for a dialog designer plugin


Hi. I stumbled upon this wxWidgets link:

It's a wxWidgets more-or-less-official XML-based resource framework called XRC (i noticed that code::blocks allows .xrc files to be included in a project).

My idea is that if we define a "XRC wxWidgets project" we can use a dialog editor that builds the corresponding XML.

Compare the  clean xml code with the "Hello world" in the sample wxwidgets project. In comparison with this pretty markup, all the C++ pointers and functions make me dizzy.

So, if we managed to make a dialog designer that uses this engine, and integrate it into code::blocks, it would be great! :) This way we can avoid the problems of C++ code generation and maintenance, and effectively separate the visual  design from the programming.

I say this because the visual part, which is "design", shouldn't be mixed with the source code, which is "programming".

I'd like to hear your opinions on this.


--- Quote --- (i noticed that code::blocks allows .xrc files to be included in a project)
--- End quote ---

Code::Blocks, actually, uses XRC files itself  ;)
All the dialogs (except the main application window) are built with XRCs...



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