Author Topic: Problem: UTF-8 + CodeBlocks + wxWidgets + MS Visual Express 2008  (Read 2708 times)

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Because of many problems I gave up compiling with MinGW and migrate to compiler from MS Visual Express 2008 and I have problems with diacritic. I'm using wxWidgets library.
I write programs in UTF-8 so of course I use unicode version. I downloaded wxPack with precompiled binaries but diacritics isn't working right.
- I checked that I define macro "wxUSE_UNICODE"
- I link wxmsw28ud in debug version and wxmsw28u in release
- When I did this in MinGW, it worked.

By "not working" I mean that in window is text same (and wrong) when I remove wxUSE_UNICODE and "u" from libs in linker.

Second thing: I do not know if I did something wrong, but when I created wx project in Code::Blocks (which creates prepared project), debug version was not working (some linker errors) while release was ok. After searching on Google I found I should change linked libraries to debug version (from "wxmsw28u" to "wxmsw28ud"). Is it my error or it is bug in CB?
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