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no console output
« on: May 24, 2010, 09:06:56 am »
Hey, I'm on gentoo here, running g++, and when I compile my code there's no output. It doesn't matter if I use cout or wxPuts() but it only says

Checking for existence: /home/myname/Program/C++/wxWidgets/Test/Test/bin/Debug/Test
Executing: /home/myname/Program/C++/wxWidgets/Test/Test/bin/Debug/Test  (in /home/myname/Program/C++/wxWidgets/Test/Test/.)
Process terminated with status 0 (0 minutes, 0 seconds)
Any ideas on why this would happen? I haven't been able to find any similar problems, and it honestly has me a little stumped. It executes when I run it through the terminal. Thank you in advance for any help!
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