Author Topic: wxSmith bug submission  (Read 4833 times)

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wxSmith bug submission
« on: October 28, 2005, 06:45:47 pm »
byo has decided to fix all the bugs before adding new feature, and I hope I can help him though I am still not very familiar with the whole underneath engine (in fact I only contribute on writing some widgets all this while).

Since the wxSmith-beta has been released together with RC2 , I believe some of you has tested with it , hope that you can let us know bugs that you encounter :) .  You may submit them at sourceforge preferrably with tag [wxSmith] for easy recognition, and come here for further discussion . Thanks , hope to see a stable wxSmith in the Final release  :wink:

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Re: wxSmith bug submission
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2005, 08:38:08 pm »
Fine, I'll add you two to the "technicians" so you can be assigned bug reports.