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A reminder: the CC bug fix of parsing the VC++ header file, see here:
Re: ParserTester for codecompletion plugin

I think it would be good to let the users grab the .blend file the logo comes from, in case they want to toy a little bit more with it. I was going to provide it, but it seems it is in a DVD I burnt which is now nearly 9000 km from here. Does anyone else have it?


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There is an idea that would be nice for the logo which we could borrow from Embarcadero. In Delphi, for example, in the splash screen you can see in very light colors, with different font sizes as well, reserved words of the language. We could use words like: class, virtual, public, private, operator, template, ...
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code robot:
Thanks for posting the Blender files.

I had to make an alternate version in order to center the logo and camera.
Here it is if it would be helpful to anyone:

In addition, this web site has some tasteful free/open-source fonts:

1. Can this release fixed all  bugs about "Internation".
    there are some plugin's  code confuse with  "_" and "wxT".

2.  "Open with HexEditor"  is the lastone  menu sub item of "File".

Pretty cool.

When you release the next official Code::Blocks version, I'll update my special plugin for it.
What does my plugin do? It allows you to create and test programs for a specific Prolog implementation.

Thank you and keep up the good work.


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