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I took your ebuild and made some changes to it and included a patch to insert some includes and replace wxUSleep with wxUsleep and submitted them to a previous thread on
Hopefully it works a little better. :)
You can get the files here:

Elvis Enmanuel:
Takeshi Miya:

I was compile wxWindows from source, the compilation works fine in my debian sarge, but no in slax
I made a self-bootable mini-slax distro for developers and contains CB and MinGw DevStudio, but the
first fails at now :(


Here are the links to Suse 9.3 RPMs:

Here are the info's you need when you use apt4rpm or smart:

Server: or
distribution: SuSE/9.3-i386 or SuSE/9.3-x86_64
components (i686): suser-guru
components (x86_64/AMD64): suser-drcux


P.S.: the AMD64 packages aren't available yet, but they will be in the next days.

takeshi miya:
Elvis Enmanuel: could you create a separate post detailing all the errors you get?

I assume that wxWidgets compiles fine and C::B not, right?

C::B (CVS) Slackware (10.2) package for Athlon XP (builded with checkinstall):


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