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No problemo! It's there, and that's what counts.

Thanks for the quick reply

Here are the links to Suse 10 RPMs:
They are build by real professionals (not by me :D ).

These packages are also available with apt4rpm (available on the original Suse 10 medias):

Server: or
distribution: SuSE/10.0-i386 or SuSE/10.0-x86_64
components (i686): suser-guru
components (x86_64/AMD64): suser-drcux

RPMs for other Suse versions couldn't be build at the moment because of build errors, but they will follow. They will be listed at the same link.

I'll keep updating the distribution independent source RPM and specfile.


Here is the RPM for Fedora Core 4, RPM which worked very well for me.

Elvis Enmanuel:
Somebody have been compiled CB for slax/slackware? with kernel 2.6.12 or higher?

I'd compiled too many times with different options unicode/wxWidgets 2.4, 2.6, etc but
allways crash when runs for first time.

There are some tgz or .mo file compiled and ready?

Thanks in advance:

Elvis Enmanuel


--- Quote from: Elvis Enmanuel on November 08, 2005, 01:51:23 pm ---There are some tgz or .mo file compiled and ready?

--- End quote ---
No one has tried I think. Lack of Slackware installed :P

BTW did you tried to compile wxWidgets from source, or you used the packages?
Your wxWidgets intallations are working ok? ie. tried to compile the wx examples?


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