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Hi! Now that RC2 is out and working on linux with the new build system, it would be great if the most used distros (at least) haves a C::B package in their official repositories, using wxGTK from each respective repository.

Packages of precompiled binaries:

The list of packages has been moved to the Wiki:

Anyone starting working in one of these distros please post here and in the Wiki, so there isn't duplicated effort.

I'm adding here some links of how-to create packages in those distros:









Daniel has sent me a source RPM and specfile for SuSE.
Also, a gentoo ebuild is lurking somewhere around here...


--- Quote from: mandrav on October 27, 2005, 09:09:40 am ---Daniel has sent me a source RPM and specfile for SuSE.
Also, a gentoo ebuild is lurking somewhere around here...

--- End quote ---

The source RPM and the Spec file can be used for every distribution !!!
It is a very minimal Spec. No wxGTK requires are mentioned because of to different namings ( wxGTK and wxGTK2 ). To get the requires the rpm auto find script is automatically used. The requires will be the libraries C::B is linked to.

I will also provide Suse specific RPM's the next time. Perhaps I'll send my packages to packman or I'll get my own apt repository on (what's not such a good idea because there are too much repos yet)

=>  Me = SuSE  :D

@takeshimiya: Thanks for this very good link list !!!


Hey there, thanks for this really great IDE!  :D

Since i have not enough time atm to start hacking on Code::Blocks i thought about how i could support it...

Well, here is the, at least as far as i know  8), first Code::Blocks-Package for Ubuntu Breezy Badger :

This is the first package i ever built, but since it doesn't do anything fancy (just copying all files to their appropriate places) it shouldn't do any harm to your PC.
The Code::Blocks-Sourcecode wasn't changed by me, its just the one you can get in the download-section.
Although it uses the same mechanism (*.deb), its unlikely that this package will work in either Debian Woody/Sarge/Sid or Ubuntu Hoary/Warty, better don't even try!

I hope this package will help a few people to get Code::Blocks working on their system.



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