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About few annoyances with RC2 (for some people)

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After a couple of annoyances/bugs with 1.0rc2 were discovered that affect few people, an update that addresses these will follow probably by the end of this week.

So, if you 've found one of these annoyances, please submit a bug-report at sourceforge about it. And please, do so as soon as possible.
Don't forget to set your bug-report's group to "1.0rc2". We 'll filter the reports for this group.
Or post here about it.

Only bug reports posted at, or in this very topic, will certainly be looked into.

On behalf of the Code::Blocks Team,

I've posted two bugs, but didn't see this message till after the fact. They do have RC2 in the header though.

Apologies, Vas.

Not a bug, but I think it's good for a quick add:

- "save all" icon on toolbar
- accelerator key for switching to "Full Screen"

Actually, I'm a little concerned, what's the roadmap? We haven't discussed this. What bugs should we fix before releasing it?

Also, at what point should we stop implementing *any* features (even minor, tiny ones) ?

Go to the main codeblocks page, and on the left, there's a link which says: "report bug".


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