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Version 1.0rc2 released!

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After almost 3 months since the last release, we 're happy to announce the availability of version 1.0-ReleaseCandidate2!
Many enhancements and bug-fixes are contained in this release.

Here are the major changes since 1.0-ReleaseCandidate1:
[*] Precompiled headers (PCH) support! (currently works only with GCC)
[*] The source is now fully UNICODE-compatible!
[*] The source is also fully 64-bit compatible!
[*] Autoconf/automake build system is now used for non-windows platforms.
[*] New plugins:
   - Code statistics: counts nr. of source lines, nr. of comment lines, etc.
   - CBProfiler: parses and displays the output of GProf, the GNU Profiler.
   - SourceExporter: exports the active file to HTML/RTF/ODT.
[*] New lexer (syntax highlighting) files:
   - Fortran77 (by Morten MacFly)
   - NVidia CG (by anonymous)
   - X-Base languages (Clipper,  Foxpro)
[*] New and improved project templates:
   - SDCC program
   - Irrlicht 3D Graphics Engine
   - Ogre 3D Graphics Engine
   - GLFW project (OpenGL FrameWork)
   - wxWidgets: selection between static/dynamic unicode/ansi wxWidgets version.
[*] New editor functionality (by right-clicking the editor):
   - "Find declaration of [keyword]"
   - "Open #include file: [file]"
[*] New plugin type: cbProjectWizardPlugin to allow creation of custom new-project wizards.
[*] New compiler supported: SDCC (Small Device C Compiler - for micro-processors. Contributed by Stanimir Jordanov.
[*] Better handling of modified files outside the IDE: r/w->r/o, r/o->r/w, deletion
[*] Single file (without project) compilation is now supported, for quick tests.
[*] Code::Blocks now allows multiple files selection when adding link libraries.
[*] BCC compiler is now working correctly for DLLs and static libraries.
[*] Find-in-Files supports searching in arbitrary paths/filemasks (outside of project).
[*] All Code::Blocks internal file formats (project, workspace, etc) are now valid XML.
[*] Many new editor settings.
[*] Many other bug-fixes.

We hope you enjoy this release!

On behalf of the Code::Blocks Team,

I just simply say "THANKS"   :D

Most waited release ever?

There are lots of major changes from the RC1!!
I'm going to download it right now!

Time to celebrate all the efforts and spread the word!

Great job guys. This is the best IDE ever.

Minor issue though:
The CVS/SVN plugin crashes CB when it's installed. Says it can't find "svn.exe".




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