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Compilers/Templates and Options
« on: February 10, 2005, 07:16:01 pm »
I found this IDE today, saw that it supported a bunch of different compilers and thought i'd give it a shot. It seems to contain some nice features and a lot of potential. But it's still got a long way to go.

Some things I found:
- I got setup and mostly use Mingw compiler. [which wasn't found cause I installed it with MingwStudio, so no biggie] I set it up manually in terms of paths and stuff.

- You can't visually edit what libraries and stuff gets linked? Had to edit the project file outside the IDE to remove some libraries.

- Templates are missing a standard template for a simple windows DLL.

- Templates are missing 2 build options. Seems that CodeBlock can't have both Release and Debug since some things are rather mutually exclusive in some places.

- Doesn't support dynamic switching from one compiler to the other. Tends to confuse compiler options, esp when switching from MINGW to VC Toolkit 2003.

- With VC Toolkit 2003 had to remove the list of libraries which contained MINGW stuff [seems that compiler options are not saved per compiler type?] as well as cleanup some of the Options that were left behind from MINGW.

- Auto Completion seems to work for some standard windows functions like ShowWindow only when I open ( and hit ctrl+space, which is still nice since it shows what parameters the function expects.

- I had to restart the IDE several times, since it was complaining about not being able to find VC Toolkit 2003 in the environment or something like that. But finally it managed to work and compile things.

Thank you for working and trying to make a great open source IDE .

Hope to see more great stuff. I'll keep an eye out for releases and updates.

Good Luck.


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Compilers/Templates and Options
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2005, 11:12:00 am »
Libraries: try messing up in the Build options -> Linker

Debug/release: you can do it by defining two targets (I haven't tried this particular thing, all my targets are debug - but I see no obstacles in doing so). What is missing, though, is a smooth usage of Compiler plugin settings and Project compiler settings to make a hierarchy of settings.

Dynamic switching of the compilers - that was prio version 1.0b5. The latter supports it all-right.

AutoCompletions: do you mean it does not work for your own functions? It does not for mine (in one case it sais that "no functions are parsed in this file", in other places it does not show the arguments, nor structure members).