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[Solved] Smart indent not working?
« on: October 03, 2009, 11:36:38 am »

started using c::b today and i want it to automatically add indents to new line. To explain:

If you write "int main() { and hit the enter and the tab button i want to have it written like this:
int main() {
(with 2 spaces at the beginning and no tab)

No Problem to that point. But now when i hit the enter button to create a new line i want it too add the same indent as the line above (without pressing the tab button again):
int main() {
  other stuff

And i really dont know how to do this. "Auto indent" and "Smart indent" seem to not do anything. Any advice?

Edit: I dont know why, but after i started Code::Blocks today all works fine for me like i want it to be. Well i dont know why but it does its job now :)
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