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Can't build and run

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--- Quote from: BlueHazzard on May 04, 2020, 08:51:37 pm ---1) Install a compiler
2) Do what other user did in this thread
3) Open a new thread and describe exactly what your problem is, what operating system you are using, what codeblocks version you are using, what codeblocks installer you have used....

--- End quote ---

Add to above information about the Compiler you installed.
a. Compiler name and version
b. Compiler installation path

Tim S.

thanks guys, I'm a beginner at coding world, faced a great problem with this 'build and run' issue. but it's fixed by the help of your suggestions guys. 
codeblocks> setting> compiler > toolchain executable > auto detect (from compiler's installation directory) > ok
and problem solved.


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