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A minor bug


I think I found an insignificant bug. Maybe it was already posted by someone.

When I start CodeBlocks it automatically loads the last project. If I go directly to Project -> Build Options, no window will appear. probable because it does not select automatically the loaded project.
I think It would be nice to automatically select in the Workspace tree the first project, to eliminate this situation.

Great IDE, thanks. Two friends of mine changed already from DevC to CodeBlocks.

How did you make it loading the last project (workspace)?

Well, if I close CodeBlocks with an open project, the project will be automatically loaded on the next start.
When I close CodeBlocks a "Save Workspace" dialog box appear, and I always click on "yes". This way CodeBlocks save the workspace with the opened project(s).
I'm using CodeBlocks beta5 but if I remember well, this feature existed also in beta4.

The only problem is that after the automatically loading of projetc(s), nothing is selected by default. I have to select it manually on the Projects tree-view.

When I reopen C::B, it's empty, and I load the workspace via Ctrl-O. No big deal, but still interesting why doesn't it work for me.

But does the "Save Workspace" dialog box appear to you, when you are closing C::B?


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