Author Topic: How to configure C::B to run make in custom dir (linux, autoconf integration)  (Read 2790 times)


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I am trying to use Code::Blocks for projects that have Makefile generated using bakefile with autoconf format. This tool generates configure script. I want to do following steps:

1. run my own script that will bakefilize and generate configure script
2. run ./configure in some directories outside project tree to setup compilation environments (e.g "$HOME/build/project/debug", $HOME/build/project/release"), possibly create more than one configurations like those.
3. Create project in Code::Blocks that will use Makefiles is dirs created above for build configurations

I am experimenting with single build directory. I created empty project, added all files and set output dir and object dir to $HOME/build/project/Debug. Unfortunately C::B is trying to run make in project directory, instead of output directory.

Is there a way to configure C::B build and specify where make should be called?