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Feature: use of function and other
« on: February 09, 2005, 08:17:37 am »
Hi Mandrav

as was (already, I think) mentioned somewhere else, great feature for CB can be
"Use of ...". When user click and highlight name of function, symbol, definition, variable and call that, obtain list of occurences. IMHO, one more tab in the main window "results of search" as Devc++ or LccWin32 or PellesC will be great to have. This can be easy-to-call "grep" in project files, without filling of parameters in dialog box. Just click on symbol => get results.
Currently I work in LccWin32 wedit IDE and this is probably my most missing feature of CB. Maybe others will welcome that function too.

How to quick jump to some function? In large C projects, I see in the left navigator window, under tab Symbols | Others  list of functions and variables. Context menu offer "Jump to declaration". Great - but it moves focus to prototype (for function). (BUGREPORT: sometimes move cursor to NEXT line after prototype.)
Will be good to offer move cursor to function itself. IMHO, doubleclick on function name in tree of functions (in left) window will be vary comfortable.

I hope those ideas will help you a little, I hope more users will discusse about that.


Josef Planeta
Czech Republic

 Also will be great