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Few suggestions
« on: October 14, 2005, 10:45:53 am »
1) Build Options->Compiler Flags. You have plenty of options that exclude each other, like build for Athlon/K6/Pentium. You can select more then one, but obviously can have only one active. Same goes for optimization. I'd like to have those selections drop-down boxes so there is no confusion.

2) Build Options->Compiler Flags. Make selected options move to top so it's easier to see what is selected without scrolling through whole list.

3) Project Properties->Targets. Move working, object and dependencies directory somewhere else so there are system rather then project specific. You usually want to have all you projects use same names for directories and it's tedious to to alter this for every project. Plus on Windows it isn't common for directories to start with dot.

4) Add blank template.

5) Selecting multiple build targets. For example, my Allegro application can choose between release, debug and profile version, but else between DLL and static linking.

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Re: Few suggestions
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2005, 11:22:05 am »
1) The compiler plugin revamping it's already planned for post 1.0 version

2) I don't think that would be a good behaviour, however I think that Checklist can be better replaced with a Tree or a Tree with columns.

3) Submit a feature request about to make that a global option.
You can also submit another feature request about the defaults .deps/.objs because with Windows Explorer the files/dirs that starts with dot aren't allowed (you can see them but you can't rename and some other things).

4) It would be useless because: You'll always need a template telling to Code::Blocks if your project will be C++, or will be ASM, or PHP, or whatever (remember that C::B will support a lot of enviroments, like Eclipse) to set up the right plugins, etc.
You of course can make your own templates which is the best because you can customize whatever you want for most of your projects, just go to the C::B/templates dir.

5) I think there is already a feature request about this, search for it at sourceforge tracker, or if not, submit a feature request.

I hope that answer some questions :D
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