Author Topic: I found a bug within SDL wizard script (a zip within to patch if neccesary)  (Read 3790 times)


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I am not sure if this is right forum regards the wizard script.

well I have been annoyed by that sdl wizard when it couldn't find 'sdl.h', So I went on searching the post to find the solution to the problem. I even tried to move sdl's dll, include, and lib over to mingw... which to no avail to patch the problem.

So i decided to put on my special gloves to do the surgery on SDL wizard script to see (and hope to find the obvious) what problem it is. Surprised i was to come across this line,

if (!VerifyFile(dir_nomacro_inc, _T("SDL.h"), _T("SDL's include")))

So that why it couldn't find the SDL.h header! I replaced it with,

if (!VerifyFile(dir_nomacro_inc, _T("SDL/SDL.h"), _T("SDL's include")))

Voila! Turn out it actually worked fine now.

Next, I do not know if this is really necessary for main.cpp to use this DEFINE code:

#ifdef __APPLE__
#include <SDL/SDL.h>
#include <SDL.h>

I used
by default all of the time(on window xp and I use mingw). Lastly... um.. This is my first time i ever edited a wizard script... At least it did balantly shows me the obvious of error here.  :lol:

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