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Ok thx.
When a translation will be possible,
feel free to contact me at mcoudron at ;)

I'm interested in hugarian translation.

I have a suggestion that all of you who want to do translation go to here

and download the file codeblocks.pot which I'll update regularly. Then you can  use the tool PoEdit to translate codeblocks.pot into your locale language called codeblocks.po,  and you can mail the translated file  codeblocks.po to me ( There is a file called zh_CN.po which is Chinese po file translated by myself. I'll compiled CB to support your language file. You can download international CB at

At present, my compiled CB just support Chinerse and English.

In fact, I hope CB maneger can create a directory like po to store the language po files in the CVS respository.

by the way - polish translation 32%  :)

Thx for your explanation.
French translation in progress...


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