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I have one. May be because I'm the maintener/driver.
Nevertheless, it seems that your last submission has been imported.
Just to be sure, I have approved it.

SVN 13144
In the clangd_client version of codecompletion.cpp some new merged strings are almost identical (restart in uppercase or not, \n not exactly at the same place). They could be stricly the same to avoid to translate 2 times almost the same strings.
See lines 497 and 618
lines 1171 and 1209

Miguel Gimenez:
Should be fixed in r13145.

I am looking to translate tags extracted by 'wxrc' in the 'codestat::main_dialog.xrc' plugin:
There are four named fields :

--- Code: ---'txt_Gauge_Code' => <label>XXXX% Code only</label>
'txt_Gauge_Code_Comments' => <label>XXXX% Code + comm.</label>
'txt_Gauge_Comments' => <label>XXXX% Comments</label>
'txt_Gauge_Empty' => <label>XXXX% Empty</label>
--- End code ---
These fields are extracted in the form :

--- Code: ---#line 92 "res/main_dialog.xrc"
_("XXXX% Code only");
#line 105 "res/main_dialog.xrc"
_("XXXX% Code + comm.");
#line 119 "res/main_dialog.xrc"
_("XXXX% Comments");
#line 132 "res/main_dialog.xrc"
_("XXXX% Empty");
--- End code ---
The marked strings are extracted by 'xgettext' into a '*.po' file provided to 'poedit'.

If I translate the latter by ""XXXX% Vide" (in French), 'poedit' tells me that 'V' (Vide) is not valid while 'E' Empty) is !

The mark '%' must be written for example '%s'.
What does it mean "XXXX% " ?

Miguel Gimenez:
POedit is very picky when it finds a % in a string. It thinks the % starts a modifier (like %s) and then complains it is not in the translated string. The same happens with a string containing "%Untitled%s", the message is "Modifier %Untitlled not found in the translation".

You can ignore the message.


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