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OK. So it's an other problem.
I tried different things as :

* using directly the .mo file downloaded from launchpad;
* download the .po from launchpad, compiling it with poedit, and using the .mo produced (with and without renaming it)
* using my own .mo file ...everything work as expected.

I also tried to rename a .mo file in .po, just to see what happens. C::B logically appears in English : no assert message.

So, I can't reproduce your behaviour.

One idea : Are you sure you use a wxWidgets version compiled with the same compiler version as your Code::Blocks build ?

There is also an other thing which look strange for me :
at line 405 in menucmn.cpp (located in C:\wxWidgets-3.1.5\src\common for me), I have :

--- Code: ---wxMenuItemList::compatibility_iterator node = m_items.Item(pos);
--- End code ---
which does not correspond exactly to your indicated code lines. For me it's inside wxMenuBase::DoInsert (not in wxMenuBase::Insert)
Assert lines are 403 or 406. So, may be we have not exactly the same wxWidgets 3.1.5 version !)

Note : it's in wxWidgets 3.1.6 (trunk version, beta) that I have a wxcheck at line 405, inside wxMenuBase::Insert ! But, I still don't use it in C::B.

Thanks, your test is valuable.
I had downloaded 'wx-315' sources on the 'WXWidgets' website and had compiled using 'gcc-810' without problem until this test.

I will check everything today...

Also tested with last killerbot version (today's one), of course with all his given dlls (compiler and wxwidgets). It works as expected.

Thanks for your tests.

In doubt I recompiled 'wx-315' and the size of the result was different from the old one, even though I used the same source and the same compiler and the same build script ??
With this recompiled version, no more problem with your translation files compiled by 'Poedit'.

Thanks for the translations.

If somebody needs translation files to German language, feel free to follow this link an download the needed files: 


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