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A new English template and a new translation file in French, adapted to svn 12535 is available on
The specific translation page is : choose "View All languages", at the bottom, right.

I just loaded the file 'All_codeblocks_All_codeblocks-fr.po' to test it on 'CB-12467-wx315'.
Under Win7 with "Poedit-3.0.1', I got ''' that I renamed 'codeblocks-fr.po', then dropped in "$(APP_PATH)\share\CodeBlocks\locale\fr_FR"

At the start of "cb-12647"
  - without this file: no problem
  - with this file and choice 'French' in Settings : an argument window appears twice (see attachment)

This message is provided in "wx-3.1.5\src\common\menucmn.cpp" during the second "wxCHECK_MSG"

--- Code: ---wxMenuItem* wxMenuBase::Insert(size_t pos, wxMenuItem *item)
    wxCHECK_MSG( item, NULL, wxT("invalid item in wxMenu::Insert") );

    if ( pos == GetMenuItemCount() )
        return DoAppend(item);
        wxCHECK_MSG( pos < GetMenuItemCount(), NULL,
                     wxT("invalid index in wxMenu::Insert") );

        return DoInsert(pos, item);
--- End code ---

I looked for the deadlines of code, and the tracks are numerous, I found in

--- Quote ---ProjectManagerUI::CreateMenu(wxMenuBar* menuBar)
--- End quote ---
a possibility with 'GetMenuiItemCount ()' and 'Insert(...)' corresponding to the image provided:

--- Quote --- menu->Insert(menu->GetMenuItemCount() - 1, idMenuFileProperties, _("Properties..."));
--- End quote ---

I then deleted the translation of "Properties ..." into the * .mo file, but the result is unchanged, so it must be elsewhere ...

If you have tracks ?

Miguel Gimenez:
If you debug the devel version (compile the workspace and press F8) and press stop in the popup, the culprit will appear on screen.


--- Quote ---''' that I renamed 'codeblocks-fr.po'
--- End quote ---
Are you sure ? The extension should stay .mo (a compiled form), not .po (a text form).

More, on launchpad ( you can download a .po file, but you can also download a .mo file which should be directly usable in Code::Blocks

yes, it's a typo error !


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