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Feature: Symbols Browser


With this code:

--- Code: ---namespace MyNamespace
    class Booo
    enum Oyyy

int main()
std::cout << "Hello world!" << std::endl;

// this is to make the console stay open...
return 0;
--- End code ---

And the Classes/Enums outside namespaces are empty.

Why not make it like:
For every added namespace, its name gets added as a direct child to the symbols node. Under the namespace name, we have classes, enums, ....etc.
The last (or first) namespace should be the "Global" namespace, and under it you should have the usual classes/enums stuff.

Nice :)
And it should be easy to implement.

OK, updated in CVS (I updated the images too).

Cool. I couldn't access the project page yesterday (it told me I wasn't authorized, so I think that means the project hasn't been created/setup yet)

I've downloaded the source, and I'll start mucking around and familiarizing myself with it, god-willing. I'll post any questions or suggestions I have to the appropriate list.

See you :)

Yes, the project is still pending approval...
As for the code, it's not well commented :( (yet) but after I write up a diagram of the various base classes and how they interconnect, it will be really easy to follow up, I think...


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