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Minor bug in code completion size
« on: September 30, 2005, 04:01:57 am »
I downloaded a CVS version and managed to compile it in Suse 9.3, wxWidgets 2.6.2

I'm happy to say it runs almost perfectly.

But there's one little thing:
When you type :: or -> the code completion plug-in window appears (don't know if it's called like that), but the rows are too small (the height I mean).

I can read only the 'upper' half of my letters. Maybe it's because I have a big font (sans 16) set in my gnome configuration. I like big fonts. If I make that smaller, then the row height is OK.

I've noticed you can resize each row, but that takes too much time. Maybe some way to resize them all, or some way to make only those fonts smaller (without making everything else smaller too).

I'd post a screenshot of the problem, but when I press "print screen" the code-completion window dissapears and the printed screen doesn't have it :)