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Code Completation doesnt work right
« on: October 24, 2008, 07:49:52 pm »

I'm quite to C++ (but have experience with C and Java).

First: Code:Blocks rocks. Its much better than net beans (net beans is slow and a bit confusing).

But I got a problem:

If I type in an own Class Name (lets say Car), I can perfectly use it.

For Example:

Code: [Select]
class Car
 Car(char* name);
 void start();
 void stop();

int main()
 Car myCar("Bug");
 //some stuff


If I now type myCar. I get some Advises (start and stop).
Everything ok.

But if I this with cout or fstream file it doesnt work :'(.
Some an Idea.

I'm using  Ubuntu 8.10 and gnu g++ compiler.