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compilation errors opens source file
« on: October 31, 2008, 12:46:06 am »
I am using code::blocks on windows (virtualized, host is a GNU/Linux system). I installed V8.02, with mingW.
When compiling, I am used to click or double-click to go directly to the line which is involved. Apparently, C::B goes there by itself... but open the file in another tab, even if it is already opened !!!
This is very strange, and annoying : imagine modifying it, you get two different instances of the same file, but not at the same version !
I get some headaches with this behaviour : is it a bug ? Is it a feature ? Is it possible to deactivate it (without modifying sources.... that will be easier)

For infos, all code files are on located on a shared folder, mounted via windows to be "local".