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Management-Resources, no response
« on: September 26, 2008, 02:20:09 pm »
I am a newby to CB so I am not sure if this is a bug or I am doing something wrong.
I have recently installed CB on a Windows XP sp3 system. After having created a new console project if I double or right click the project in the Management-Resources list, nothing happens.

If I browse the directory for the new project using Explorer I see a main.cpp file and xxx.cbp file.

I had installed CB on a Windows 2000 system earlier this week which I am sure did not have this problem. Double clicking and right clicking a project icon resulted in some behaviour.

I have tried using stable release codeblocks-8.02-setup.exe and also nightly build CB_20080921_rev5208_win32.7z. Both exhibit the same problem.

Can anybody suggest a course of action?