Author Topic: What are pepole experiance with cb and Build Tools(Scons cmake jam kjam etc.)  (Read 3501 times)

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I read

which gave me tons of info on what build tools are available.

I made a python script (which I put in my directory of my Codeblocks program To call an scons script in the source dir(since I did not want my Codeblock  .cbp file mix in with the source).

The last thing I done was go in my build option and  change my make comands to use "python  $makefile" and change my project setting to use my custom makefile.

which really is not a makefile.

I don't know if this is going to work on window since as far as i know makefile do not exist on windows(i might be wrong on that)

I was just wounder what are People experience with these build tool and what there doing to get around the whole cross platform make thing?

Is this Cross platform make thing a big headache to anyone else but me?

I have a habit of not seeing the obvious,  so i was wounding, should the "use custom makefile" be called "Use Custom Build Command"(this would be a little more portibale) and have an static-box with the command that normal be in  "make comands" in build optons)  instead or wil there be problems with this? 

What are pepole thought would this be a bad suggestion to put in

I personally find scons the best at the moment but aggravates me it is slow(from what I can see (buy read and trying to put piece together ) kjam,bjam etc do a better job than scon but losses it flexibility of have a high level scripting language like python.)

Waf still uses python but I have not much luck try to put the source where i want it with out waf add it own directory Junk which at the moment don't know how to git rid off. 

I have not tried to use allot of the build tools mostly because of lack of documentation.

I try to use codeblock option  which is built inside code block but for some reason it did no produce the executable or the library i was try to build.

What are your guy experience?   


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If you want to be portable to other IDEs, I suggest trying CMake. The new/future CMake 2.5 is supposed to support Code::Blocks custom make projects. To make it useful to me, an plugin to convert standard Code::Blocks projects into CMake input format would need to exist.

Right now ease of use, of standard Code::Blocks projects, is much more important than being portable to other IDEs.

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