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Support for D language (questions)
« on: April 19, 2008, 06:40:15 pm »
well, I would like to ask about two things:

1. DMD compilator supports files with extension *.di, which is for interface, but Code::Blockes doesn't. I found file CodeBlocks_path\share\CodeBlocks\lexers\lexer_d.xml and added that extension. What happened? Now in CB code from .di files is colorized, but in Workspace (in my project) that file is still in category "Others", instead of "D Sources". How to change it? I would like to see .di file in the second category, too.

2. What's with libraries support? Here We have how to use and how to compile DLLs.

Generally, is there making itself some support for this language or people still "likes" ONLY C/C++? However, the truth is that, the Code::Blocks seems to be the best IDE for now (for D language).