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Bug in ThreadSearch
« on: March 24, 2008, 06:18:08 pm »
Hi everybody,

I think I have found a minor bug in the ThreadSearch plugin, that is in it's ubication on the Message pane.

If I want to remove the ThreadSearch from the panel by right-clicking and selecting the toggle option, it's tab disappears allright, but it seem to mess up all the other tabs. They now show just white or randomly appearing elements of the threadSearch tap allready closed. Not really randomly: every unpair tap (the first, the third, etc.) shows white panel and when you move the mouse over it the elements of the ThreadSearch panel appear, every pair panel shows the entire ThreadSearch directly ...
Under the context-menue, otion toggle the ThreadSearch is not marked. If I now mark it the correct tab appears in the Messagepane, but without icon and not activated. But the other panels now work correctly again, everyone showing it's correct panel content, the ThreadSearch panel too (but this one still without icon). Toggling the ThreadSearch again, everything starts all over again going weird, even had some crashes of c::b during "research", but not allways.

I had ThreadSearch enabled to the Message pane from the beginning. C::B version is the really great 8.02 , OS is Windows XP SP2 pro


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Re: Bug in ThreadSearch
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2008, 09:21:09 pm »
Hi Nausea !

I already noticed this bug and registered it (12841).

It was fixed a first time but when I retested it, I found another way to reproduce it: my Berlios comment:
Bug is not the same but is still present.
- open C::B
- click on Code::Blocks tab
- click on ThreadSearch tab
- close C::B
- reopen C::B (ThreadSearch tab is active)
- right click on ThreadSearch tab
- Toggle ThreadSearch tab (Code::Blocks tab becomes active)
- put mouse cursor where ThreadSearch controls (buttons, checkboxes) were, they appear on Code::Blocks tab

You can have the same bug playing with the TODO tab.
I think it should be reopen. As many tabs have the same bug, I won't investigate again in my code for now.

Thanks for reporting it !