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I was wondering if anyone is doing any Windows Mobile 5 or 6 apps using C::B?
Any libraries / compilers out there to make it easier?

For the libraries I suggest you have a look at either the Windows Mobile 6 SDK or the full Windows SDK.
As for the compiler, I would use the one included in visual C++ express and configure it with the compiler plugin

I haven't tried it before so maybe someone can confirm.


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I'm not fully sure, but to make programs in C# for WM you can use standard compiler, which is totally free. When i have been making some programs for my WM6 in the past - they were working on the PC platform without any recompiling. But there's one thing to keep in mind - WM uses Compact Framework, that means it's smarter (smaller) version of .NET Framework. However, it should work when you put some simple program from PC into PocketPC.

My apologies for these questions. I am really interested in this topic and I am completely new in Windows Mobile world and a CB's lover.

I would like to know if somebody have compiled a Windows Mobile application using Code::Blocks, VC++ express compiler and wxWidgets library?. Is it possible use another compiler? In that case, could be a WM program compiled in Linux?

Thanks a lot for any reply.


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