Author Topic: Feature request/bug report about scripting wiki  (Read 3284 times)

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Feature request/bug report about scripting wiki
« on: February 21, 2008, 09:50:19 pm »
This is more like a bug report/feature request about current wiki documentation.

In the wiki:

There is this code, but it seems to be giving me syntax error when I try to run it:
Code: [Select]
GetScriptingManager().RegisterScriptMenu(_T("edit_startup_script.script"), _T("Settings/-Edit startup script"));
On my startup script I have this code:
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GetScriptingManager().RegisterScriptMenu(_("&Settings") + _T("/-Edit startup script"), _T("edit_startup_script.script"), false);
If wiki has outdated info, could someone who knows what there should be, please update it. I'm just a newbie in the field of scripting, so I don't trust myself enough to do the changes.

I also failed to follow the instructions in the scripting wiki. Either it contains too much outdated info or the instructions are not clear enough. Could someone write step by step instructions?

I would also like to see a little more example code in this page (E.g. under cbEditor I would like to see a code that would first get the cbEditor object and then few lines that call some functions for it. ). And perhaps more comments for the functions themselves. As currently many of them have no comments at all. E.g. parameter/return value ranges or example parameter/return values might be nice in addition with a short description of what they do:

I know I'm asking a lot, but last night I spend several hours trying to figure out how that system works. And I think that there must be better tutorial BEFORE new version is released and thousands of newbies start readinng the manuals.