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Can C::B be used as a very simple IDE for embedded development?


I already have a complete if spartan development environment for ARM Cortex-M3 embedded development under WinXP Pro.  I use the CodeSourcery ARM GCC toolchain with my own makefile, linker script and firmware downloading tool.  All I need is to edit my source code (currently just one C file), occasionally my makefile or linker script, and invoke 'make', 'make clean' or 'make prog' (to download the code into the part using a utility program).  Being able to keep track of and browse my documentation (text files and PDFs) would also be nice.

I have been using NotePad++ but I would like to use C::B instead.  How can I convince C::B to do these very simple tasks?  It seems to want to do everything + 1 for me, project-wise.


Dale Wheat

Look into using an custom makefile within Code::Blocks.

Remember to backup makefile before doing this.

Start with empty project; make sure it is saved before continuing.

Change to custom make
1. Select "Project" -> "Properties"
2. Select "Project Settings" Tab
3. Check "This is an custom makefile"
4. Verify the makefile name/ change the name
( I think the makefile must be in the same folder as the project, I have not used custom makefile for about 6 months.)

Change targets
1. Select "Project" -> "Properties"
2. Select "Build Targets" Tab
3. Use rename or add to change targets to match makefile targets.
   ( I normally rename "release" to "all")

I would also look at the tab called "Make Commands" far right tab
under "Project" -> "Build Options" 

It implies the idea that Code::Blocks wants these targets in an custom makefile project.

Note: the word "all" can be replaced with whatever you call the main target of the makefile.

Tim S


Thanks!  I got it to work.  I appreciate your help.



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