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Integration of Cosmic Compiler / Cygwin "make" into code blocks


let me preface this with the fact that I am pretty new to non fully integrated IDEs. I am programming for a Freescale MCU, that is using the cosmic compiler.  This is done through MAKE which is fired off in a CYGWIN shell. What are the steps required (if at all possible) to integrate that make file into codeblocks and to fire off a script that would compile the project using the buttons and then extract the warnings and errors and what not into the IDE...

If this requires changes to the source code of codeblocks thats Okay.. I'm willing to give it the old college try..

thanks for the info

- Mike

<crickets chirping sweetly>

Well for a ugly integration you have just to disable the CB Makefile creation and to add the make commands by hand.

But this won't allow you to use the IDE for changing compiling behavoiur, debugging, ... for that reason an compiler template is nescesarry and I think this has to be developed seperately.

How does one go to start understanding how to do that?


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