Author Topic: CB Craches when creating "New Qt application"  (Read 1713 times)


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CB Craches when creating "New Qt application"
« on: November 29, 2007, 07:17:56 pm »
Product Details:
Code::Blocks 1.0 Release Candidate 2 Nov. 14 2005, 01:22:39 -wx2.6.1 (Linux Unicode)

OS       : Linux i686
System : Open Suse 10.2(i586)
Desktop: KDE 3.5.5 release 4.5.6

Problem description:
I have had many obstacles linking with other IDEs a Qt based GUI application, so I decided to give Code::Blocks a try. I am new to Linux, so the whole thing about getting the nightly build and recompile Code::Blocks is somewhat obscure to me, so I decided to get the released 1.0 RC2 version from a link posted in one of your forums (the one gotten from "Download").
I downloaded the rpm (not sure what this is, but I got it), then when I tried to open it, it gave me the option to install it using Yast, at which I said 'ok'. Well, the product is installed.
When I try to use it, i.e. Project->New->Qt App..... and so on. CB crashes just as it creates the project.
I read that this version is not the best, but where can I get the best ?, the Linux links are not as good as the Windows links.

Please help me.... and understand I am new to Linux.

Thanks in advance.

Saul Rodriguez
Software Engineer
Monterrey, NL, Mexico.... but residing in Moorpark, CA, USA