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[feature requets]
« on: November 21, 2007, 01:07:58 pm »
Hi lads.
I found CB just recently, but it looks really good to me.
I'm doing embedded devel on ARM processors now and was looking for some free programmers editor similar to Source Insight.
Well, the CB seems to be the best I found.
Let me list here features witch would even improve usability of this great editor.

I will write about 1.0 RC2

I have created empty project (console application), added files via "add files recursively". I have many-many files in the project - cca about thousands. From this moment on, the CB got "frozen" for cca 5 - 10 minutes. Would it be possible to separate the load process to different thread? And also the parsing process, for it makes the very same problem.

Also when I click on #include clause and select "open include file:..." it doesn't work - "not found" error message shown.
But the file is in the project and in the path I set to load sources from. So I can't see any reason why it is not found.

3) File function list
This functionality is a must. Yes, there is a global symbol list for whole project.
But for really huge projects like mine it is good-for-nothing.
I think, just to add some filter to choose what to see (all for workspace, all for project, all for file, some special search) would be enough.
I can't see there function bodies. I mean, when I click the function name I will jump directly to function body instead of function declaration. Also when editing the function body I need to see what function I'm editing - it should be synchronized with the list.

4) brackets
{} brackets - would be very nice to see where brackets ends/starts. I don't mean bracket coloring, it works fine.
I mean to mark somehow the block of code inside the brackets (different color of background, some special mark line left - similar like for folding - like in eclipse or JEdit).
() <> brackets - I set different background for bracket coloring to make easier to notice it. It doesn't work for ()<> brackets, only for {}.

5) bookmark list
Very handful to have extra window with list of all bookmarks.

6) movement history
movement history with back and forward buttons - e.g. after searching for some keyword I want to go  back to the file and line where I have started the search.

7) extra look-at-definition window
This functionality is used in source insight and is very good.
I think it doesn't mean too much work, for mostly it is already implemented. When click on ane define/function/variable/structure/class/... show its definition in extra window - similar like "find declaration of: ..." but to extra window.



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Re: [feature requets]
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2007, 01:23:20 pm »
download a recent nightly, lot of the things you want are in there ...

RC2 is way too old, and to many bugs ...

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Re: [feature requets]
« Reply #2 on: November 22, 2007, 11:00:27 am »
Yes, I did. Unfortunately most of my requests are not implemented (yet)  - in SVN4639.
1) and 3) works (almost) fine. The rest is still not there.

I have some additional ideas about features to add:

- if the file is READ ONLY there could be some icon or any other mark in file's TAB.

- TODO doesn't work properly - it recognises items inside the code, but doesn't jump to the line in the file. Also doesn't support search within project and opened files.

- feature to to colorize functions and methods or at least to support own highlight based on users strings (something similar like Total Commander highlights different file types)

- when moving cursor to ending } brackets - show hint about the beginning - show if the bracket is for while/if/function/...

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